Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Right On!

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Boys Will Be Boys

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"The Sicko's I Sucked," said the Whore...

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That's How Boys Kiss

Yum yum, please let's do it again, just to make sure I know how...
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Love in the Face

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Changing Position

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On The Job

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Long Way Up

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I Think That's What I Need...

A better douche!
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Sci Fi Author Harlan Ellison

Lois Mitchell (right) with sci-fi author, Harlan Ellison & friend, from Knight magazine, April 1972 - Feature on “The Godson” nudie movie from 1971
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Oh Honey, Let's Get That...

Your ass will be a star!
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No Fooling...

They're real!
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Easy Way To Hitchhike

Will get a ride with no problem
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She's At A Loss...

Remind her, how do thongs work again? Duhhhh...
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Screwing Is Boring

He does it like a robot, haha!
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